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Abbott Laboratories / Medisense

Abbott Laboratories Ltd / Medisense
Witney, Oxfordshire
Architect / Lead Consultant (with Todd Architects)

Between 1998 and 2007, we have been involved in the transformation of former agricultural land into a new 450,000 sq ft of clean room, R&D, environmentally controlled storage, offices, staff facilities and distribution space for Abbott Laboratories.

We were appointed to manage the phased design and construction programme comprising follow on contracts for the shell and fit out using a construction management form of procurement, allowing key packages to be developed and let during the planning process.

The project involved significant services coordination for all areas, and the buildings were constructed using large format precast brick faced concrete panels hung from a steel frame.

A very clear exemplar of this orthogonal architecture which uses a deliberate restricted palette of materials and structural devices within a structural grid.

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