Brentford Magistrate's Court

Brentford, London

Trehaven Ltd
Brentford, London
Relevant Dates:
Stage D: April 2012
Tender: February 2012
Completed: July 2014

Our design approach for the transformation of Brentford Magistrate's Court was rooted in a careful historical analysis of the existing building, which has informed and shaped our proposals to respect, reveal and celebrate the architectural character of the building.

Originally built in 1850's as a Town Hall, the building later converted into a Petty Sessions Court and a Children's Court was added in 1904. Later works in 1931 remodelled the front of the building facing the square creating three distinct parts to the building. Each of these alterations has left its mark on the development and it is the inherent qualities of scale, space, light and architectural proportion we have sought to build on.

Whilst a coherent palette of materials has been deployed throughout the development, each flat is 'site specific' and responds to the individual location and opportunities within the building. A mix of one and two beds provide a variety of apartment sizes and layouts, some featuring double height spaces, roof terraces and two benefit from their own front door. The new central extensions at roof level echoes the form of the main slate roof overlooking the square and is finished with a green standing seam zinc roof, providing a crisp, contemporary finish to deliberately contrast with the main roof. Frameless glass balustrading and open riser oak stairs offer further modern architectural detailing. The reconfiguration of the building has fortuitously coincided with the re-landscaping of the square, 'Market Place', and a new terrace in front of the building will encourage further activity and animation of the square, to spill out from the proposed cafe / restaurant use.

The project was given a commendation for The Sunday Times British Homes Awards in Conversion, Restoration or Refurbishment catagory.

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