Memory Hole

Cassino, Italy

Our proposals involve a series of architectural interventions within the city of Cassino, Italy. Developing the idea of ‘The Memory Hole’ –the void in the collective memory following the destruction of the city in 1944 – our proposals illustrate a series of linked projects which explore the history of the city and proposes the reconnection of this history with the city’s cultural regeneration. Our interventions involve five separate but connected themes, the catalyst being the idea of identifying the locations of bombs sites within the city; the creation of new portals along the city edges, which connect to new “skywalks” hovering over the remains of the old city walls; the reinterpretation of the castle, the “Rocca Janula” as a cultural venue; landmarks on the surrounding hills and the reinvention of the “Historiale” museum as a centre for peace and education.

In November 2016, Mario Sacco returned to Cassino to present our proposals for the cultural and economic regeneration to the City Mayor, Carlo Maria-Dalessandro, at the Town Hall. Mario outlined our proposals contained within an updated book prepared by PMA, which was widely covered in the Italian press.

We await approval to the initial phase of works involving the creation of a new high level walkway connecting the town to the former castle, the Rocca Janula.

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