Forgotten Space

AJ Competition 2013

We propose to create a new use for the disused telephone boxes at Byng Place, an intervention that can be repeated across the many phone boxes found in London. We propose that the telephone kiosks become tea kiosks.

Everyone loves a cup of tea and our proposal will allow people to have tea on-the-go as they navigate the streets of London; benefitting workers, residents and visitors. Within Byng Place, the tea kiosks will create a reason for people to inhabit and enjoy the space; creating an enhanced public realm that is a social space and not just a place to pass through.

The mechanism for creating tea involves the combination of rainwater being harvested and filtered from above and electricity being generated from ‘pedal power’ – cycle your way to boiling water for a free warming drink. The kiosks become a playful and sustainable way to enjoy London; encouraging re-use (bring your own tea bag and flask), utilising renewable energy sources, and leaving no waste.

The proposal will encourage people to take pride in their red phone box and to embrace the combination of quintessentially British elements – the iconic red telephone box, rain and tea.

forgotten space 01 forgotten space 02 forgotten space 03