Newington Green Primary School

London Borough of Islington

London Borough of Islington / Transform Islington LEP (Balfour Beatty)
Relevant Dates:
Planning Application: May 2013
Start on Site: October 2013
Phased Completion: June 2015

The project involved the reconfiguration and complete refurbishment of a 1950’s school to create a new Early Years Wing, rationalise teaching spaces and significantly improve the thermal performance of the building.  

The existing lightweight construction of steel frame, woodwall slabs and single glazed metal windows presented a series of technical obstacles to overcome. 

The newly refurbished building provides state of the art classrooms, with bespoke furniture, integrates the Nursery Class into the main building, and provides a new library, messy room, staff room and hall spaces for performance, physical education and the arts. New technology is now an integral part of the building enabling us to use computing and other technologies to drive learning, in a way the school could not do before.

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